Cinema Video and Billboard

Check out Sage Mountain’s 45 second video advertisement that has been playing in Park City theaters!

To learn more about the “See Yourself In Me” campaign or to donate, visit the campaign page here.

Senior Citizen Presentation

Sage Mountain co founder Lauren Lockey, Chris Shapard of Factory Farm Awareness Coalition, and athlete and lead avalanche forecaster Craig Gordon teamed up once again and presented the many benefits of a plant powered vegan lifestyle to a group of 75 foster grandparent/senior companion volunteers. What a great group with fantastic questions! We look forward to seeing them again very soon. It’s never too late to make a difference.

Earth Day Event at Westminster College

Sage Mountain educates students at Westminster about how our food choices impact climate change

Cube of Truth in Park City

Park City’s Cube Of Truth events have been a success! Bystanders stop, ask questions and realize the impact our food choices have on innocent lives – several people leave taking veganism seriously. Witnessing the horror and torture that billions of animals go through every minute of every day is tough but imagine living it. That is why this form of outreach is so powerful and necessary. It is important for the public to know the truth and understand it does not have to be this way. Once we understand the impact we have on others, we can make compassionate choices and thrive!To find out more about Anonymous For The Voiceless or to join the next Cube of Truth, click here.