Group Volunteer Days

Volunteers are greatly appreciated 2 Saturdays a month during the Spring and Summer months from 9-noon!

Some examples of volunteer duties include scooping poop in the pasture and shelter areas, scrubbing water/feed tubs, filling the mud wallow with water, clearing trails and dead branches from pasture areas, clearing out saturated straw/shavings and adding new straw/shavings to the shelters, clearing sticker bushes from coop area, cleaning out the coop, cleaning and organizing feed storage areas, and of course loving on the animals!

The next group volunteer days will begin in spring 2019.

Regular Volunteers

We are looking for individuals who want to volunteer on a weekly or monthly basis. Some of the duties include: cleaning out shelters and coops, shaking out pig blankets, adding fresh bedding to shelters and coops, cleaning water troughs and adding water as needed, picking up poop from all pastures and coop areas, cleaning feed rooms and organizing, scrubbing feed tubs, clearing rocks from paths in pastures, brushing the animals, spending time with the animals, giving everyone treats (the pigs and chickens love apples and pears)

We would love for you to be a part of team Sage! Please reach out to Johnny at info@sagemtn.org or Dave at dave@sagemtn.org to schedule an orientation!