Consider Cows



Cows have the most beautiful eyes. If you have ever stopped to look, you will notice how soft and gentle they are. A very deep care that is nurturing and motherly. This can be seen and felt because of the incredible bond a cow has with her calf. It is extremely strong and continues until the calf is full grown.  However, this bond is rarely able to be achieved.  In a natural environment a cow can live up to 20 or 25 years.

Dairy cows live 5 years or less within horrible confined conditions. After that they are considered “spent” and sent to slaughter for beef. During these 5 years, they rarely see the outside. Instead they stand on cement floors hooked up to milking  machines. In order to produce milk, they have to be in a constant cycle of impregnation. Because of the high level of milk production, cows often get mastitis which is a very painful swelling and infection of the glands in the udder. They can not walk and receive little medical treatment. When her baby is born, it is immediately taken from her. Very often, the baby becomes sick from this high level of stress and separation. The babies cry so much that their throats  become raw and infected. A female calf will be spend her life just like her mother. Male calves will be raised for beef or veal. *Veal production is supported by the dairy industry. If one does not support veal they can help by choosing  dairy free plant based nutrition. A calf is only a few days old when it is slaughtered for veal.

Cattle raised for beef spend their first six months grazing on pasture land. At that time they are transported to feedlots where they consume an unnatural diet to be fattened up as quickly as possible. Once they reach the desired weight which is between 1000-2000 pounds, they are sent on transport trucks to slaughter. They are 1 to 2 years old. As with other farm animals, the transport can be days long and without food or water. They are weak or injured upon arrival.  Some animals are still conscious when they are hung upside down and shackled with their throats cut.

Cows and their nurturing ways. Their soft and gentle eyes are just like those of the family pet or those of our own mother. These sentient beings seek joy just as we do. They do all they can do avoid pain just as we do. Consider these animals, with their ways and interests, as important and worth changing the desire of our own palate.

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