Our Plant-Based Community Happenings

By Natalie Blanton

Last week, we at Sage Mountain hosted 2016’s inaugural #ThirstyFirstThursday at the High West Distillery in Wanship, Utah. Our two speakers, Jenn from Meatless in the Mountains, and Nurse Kate from Resilient Body Nutrition were phenomenal. The food and cocktails were remarkable, and overall, the event was incredible and we are so grateful to all who made the trek up there. See photos from the event here.

What with our summer-month Thursday gatherings kicking off — I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the exciting happenings in our local plant-based community here in Utah:

  • We have yet another finalist in PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Next Door campaign Dexter-SVND-2016-Finalist-300x300
    [last year’s winner was also a Salt Lake native and creator of the amazing Mexican Buffet at the Mi Ranchito restaurant, Victor]. In the 2016 finalist category is Dexter who, as described on PETA’s website, “is a transgender activist who believes that everyone deserves equal consideration, respect, and compassion, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race or species. As a researcher, he uses his expertise to advocate for non-animal test methods, including during his time working for the National Institutes of Health.” VegNews recently picked up his story and is worth the read, here.

    We are so excited for you, Dexter! This is an awesome step for equality on so many fronts! Thursday is the last day to vote for Dexter (June 9) — so please vote, here.

  • Have you heard the news that Salt Lake will be hosting its very own VegFest this September?13310402_1040146639385476_4340421155701889302_n
    We are so looking forward to this free and open to the community (vegans and omnis alike) celebration of all aspects of veg-lifestyles. There will be fitness demos, food samples and vegan restaurants represented, environmental education components, animal rights groups, and, hey, we will be there with a table and our Condition One Virtual Reality set up — come visit! The date is Saturday, September 10th from 11am – 6pm at Library Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. The best way to support the up and coming VegFest?  Stand with Utah Animal Rights Coalition by becoming a supporter of their efforts to pull off Utah’s very own VegFest. Stay tuned for updates on the VegFest Facebook event.

  • Our friends over at The Big O Doughnuts opened their store front in Salt Lake City last weekend!
    If you haven’t tried one of their heavenly plant-8d1f393fbd59e0fe3c513006376c8067based, innovative flavored, delicious sugar rings you best get down there and buy a dozen. You won’t regret it. The family team behind this shop is awesome and absolutely deserves our whole-hearted community support. The store is located on 171 E. Broadway in SLC and is open 8am – sold out, Wednesday thru Saturday. Stay connected with their Facebook page for flavor updates and storefront availability.



  • Last but certainly not least, mark your calendars for our next #ThirstyFirstThursday event happening Thursday, July 7, at 7 pm at Zest in SLC! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more info to come!ConstantContact_JULY

The best way to further the plant-based, vegan, or animal rights movement is to support one another — animal and human alike. I encourage you to get out there, connect with other plant-eaters in your community and keep fighting the good fight. 

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