The Answer to Climate Change

The Answer to Climate Change

By: Lauren Lockey

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If I were to tell you that one action could drastically reduce climate change, would you do it? Now don’t be alarmed! You don’t have to give up your car! I am talking about something fairly easy to do that would have a much larger impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. I am referring to what we put on our plates each and every day.

According to a United Nations Report, animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions whereas the entire transportation sector is responsible for only 13%. Now it is important to move towards renewable energy as well as electric cars. However, methane is up to 100 times more effective at heat trapping than CO2. Cows produce 150 BILLION gallons of methane per day WORLDWIDE. The reduction of methane would create a noticeable change in just a few years! We would actually see the positive change in our own lifetime!! Reduction of CO2 would take up to 200 years to even start seeing a difference. Plus, did you know that livestock and their by products are responsible for 32 TRILLION tons of carbon dioxide per year?? Therefore, switching to a plant based vegan lifestyle would have a much larger impact on climate change than if every car in the world was switched to a hybrid vehicle!

Animal agriculture is destroying the planet at a rapid pace. Raising animals for food is an extremely inefficient way to feed ourselves. There are over 7 BILLION people on the planet. There are roughly 150 BILLION land animals slaughtered for consumption each year. The majority of food grown on this planet is fed to livestock. It would be far more efficient for humans to eat these crops directly rather than filtering them through another being.

Animal agriculture is the leading contributor to air and water pollution, land degradation,  as well as wildlife and biodiversity decline. All of which we, and generations to come, need to survive. The oceans and trees are literally the lungs of this planet. If we continue to pollute and over fish the oceans and cut down more trees for solely the taste of animal flesh and products, the system will collapse and there will be another mass extinction. We will vanish.

There is HOPE. Yes!! We have time to fix this but we must open our eyes and reconnect with what is important. Our home. This beautiful planet and ALL it’s unique inhabitants. It is so worth it because most of us can agree that we find peace when we are outside in nature or even just hearing the sounds of nature. Without it, nothing else matters..It is the most important issue today and the answer is so simple.  Some sit back and think, “oh I can’t make a difference. What does is matter. Someone else will do it.” The reality is that each of us CAN make a drastic difference simply by what we choose to eat. We hold the future of this planet in our hands..Who wants to make it better for ALL beings?!

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