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Guest blog by Animal Care Expert for Sage Mountain and Plant Built athlete, Crystal Moulton
Plant Built is a team of vegan strength athletes that get together to compete at the Naturally Fit Expo in Austin, Texas every year. Our goal is to show the world that a vegan lifestyle is no barrier to being strong or having muscles. The team includes the sports of bodybuilding, powerlifting, olympic lifting, kettlebell, crossfit, and strongman.

Plant Built was founded in the fall of 2012 and started with a group of seasoned and novice physique competitors. It quickly spread to the other strength sports, all with the shared goal of promoting a plant based diet in these sports where eating animal products is widely accepted as the only way to achieve success, and not eating or using animals is seen as counter to these sports.
Utah represents with myself and athlete Kelly Colobella who competes in Powerlifiting and Strongman. Outside of Plant Built, Kelly is on the O-line on a professional women’s football team, the Utah Falcons. I compete in the sports of Powerlifting and Strongman as well, and also Highland Games outside of the Plant Built Team. Powerlifting is the strength sport that tests a person’s one-repetition maximums in the lifts of squat, bench, and deadlift. Each competitor is given three attempts at each lift, competitors choose their own weight but try to do the most weight possible. Lifts are strictly judged and proper form and depth is required. Strongman is a strength sport that involves lifting, carrying, or pulling odd objects and weights in a variety of fun and challenging events. The more famous Strongman events include the Atlas Stones, Yoke Walk, Farmers Carry, Axle Deadlift or Axle Pressing, and many more.

Representing Utah on the Plant Built Team: Kelly Colobella & Crystal Moulton

This team has made vegans a formidable presence at the Naturally Fit Expo. It has been a huge launching point for vegan outreach and the chance to change opinions and beliefs through engaging in these sports and fitness events.

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Sage Mountain is lucky to have Crystal as part of our team! We are SO amazed by Plant Built’s efforts and drive to show that Plant-Powered People are remarkably strong and compassionate, too! Keep it up, Team Plant Built! 
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