Imagine this planet Earth

By: Lauren Lockey

This is a vision I wrote in September of 2014 when Sage Mountain was just getting started. I recently found it and thought it was relevant with April being Earth month. I hope you enjoy. I close with a song by one of my favorite artists that will surely motivate!

Imagine this planet Earth because we only have one

where ALL beings have a life of dignity

rivers flow clean and full

water scarcity is a glimpse of the past

our oceans support all biodiversity with no shortage of food for sea life or land animals who live off it

wild horses are wild again and aren’t auctioned off because they simply can not compete with ranchers using their home for grazing cattle

a sustainable food industry that does not require enormous subsidies to exist

trees and grasses are abundant 

land can return to supporting all species 

suffering is drastically reduced because animals are no longer on our plates

beings are no longer judged based on race, gender, wealth, religion, or species

we are all earthlings 

a huge reduction in cardiovascular and cancer related diseases in humans that could alleviate the financial stress on our health care system

wildlife could live and hunt freely and therefore bring greater balance into our ecosystem

a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that would be more than the equivalent of taking every car, truck, plane, and boat off our roads, out of our skies and water ways

we have the power to create this each and every day

a more compassionate, sustainable, and empowered world

this planet Earth

because we only have one.

Take a look around at the beauty which inspires us and the support this planet gives us. When we cultivate those attributes within ourselves and towards each other, we can make the world a better place. Life is short and now that I am getting older I am realizing my mortality. I would much rather feel love and compassion in my heart. Not hate or apathy. So choose something, your way of spreading more kindness, making a change, leaving the world better for the next generations. So they too can be in awe of the beauty, breathe freely, and cherish all creatures fully. Let  Michael Franti(click his name)help! Turn it up loud and look up!


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