Dog Food For Thought

Dog Food For Thought

By: Dave Swartz

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         I was asked last week about my thoughts on feeding animal based foods to our pets. Its an interesting question with a number of arguments to look at. Here was my initial thought: Since we rescued our two furry pups from an animal shelter, would more animals have to be killed to feed our rescued animals over their lifetimes? If this is the case would it have been better to not have rescued the dogs in the first place? After pondering these thoughts, I came to a conclusion.

        In the scientific community there is a consensus that dogs are predominately carnivores and have all the traits and physiology to back that up. I would also agree that dogs are natural carnivores. However, to say that something is natural does not necessarily mean it is the best. For example, if someone handed me a tube of laboratory made food that didn’t harm any animals, our environment, or humans in its production and this product made me chronic disease proof, extended life expectancy, and made me as strong as an ox while tasting great, I’m pretty sure that I would consume it. This food would clearly not be “natural to humans but it could be much better for us and the planet.

When it comes to dog nutrition if one believes animal agriculture is an environmental disaster not to mention an incredibly cruel industry then how does one justify feeding their dog food from that industry. Luckily there are a number of animal free pet foods on the market. Most of these brands also supplement their pet foods with amino acids that dogs should have in their diet such as Taurine and L Carnitine. I have  found one brand in particular that both of our dogs can’t get enough of, Evolution Diet Food.  I did some research to make sure that feeding dogs a meat free diet is in fact,  safe and healthy. Interesting to find out that not only can dogs thrive on this unnatural diet but can far outlive their meat eating counterparts. Check out this article on the world record setting longest living dog. 

I understand that some may disagree with me on this topic. Thankfully there will be another option in the coming years. Check out Modern Meadow and what could be the future of animal food.

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