Our Vision:

 Nothing will positively impact the planet, our health, and farmed animals more than eliminating animal based foods from the human diet. We envision a time when Park City is one of the leading communities in policy change and action for a compassionate, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.

Our Mission: 

 Sage Mountain’s mission is to shift the paradigm of animal consumption in Park City and beyond through the advocacy of whole food plant centered living, a farmed animal sanctuary, educational programming and outreach throughout the community.

In addition to animal advocacy, Sage Mountain’ s work includes:

  • Raise funds to provide food, vet care, farrier care, and shelter for the ambassador animals residing at our sanctuary.
  • Education and Outreach about the negative impacts eating animals has on our health, the planet, and the lives of farmed animals.
  • Inspire compassionate living through the choices we make and understanding the impact of these choices on the world and the lives of humans and animals.
  • Vegan Film Series and panel discussions throughout the community.
  • Multi Day Vegan Challenges
  • Thirsty First Thursdays
  • Sanctuary Opportunities
  • School Classes and Curriculum
  • Compassion and Empathy Training through Yoga classes and Presentations
  • Virtual Reality Experiences
  • Partnerships with local restaurants and businesses