Sage Mountain and FFAC at Treasure Mountain Jr. High

The Treasure Mountain Junior High Students in Susan Graves-Henneman’s 8th grade health class had a chance to learn about the effects of plant based nutrition and farm animal advocacy.  Carolyn Murray from KPCW visited the school and files this report  

To Hercules and Beyond: Speciesism in Current Events

Guest blog by: Stephanie Mathers – Ally of the Sage Mountain Team and the Animal Rights Movement   I wasn’t surprised when I scrolled through my newsfeed on Tuesday, January 17th to see cries of outrage by my social media network over the leaked video from the set of A Dog’s Purpose. In the video, […]

Education > Tin Foil Hats: Exposing Meat and Dairy Lies

By Natalie Blanton So much of what we know about our food, diets, and health has been drastically informed and shaped by self-interested governmental institutions. Now, don’t start forming your tinfoil hats just yet. But do start educating and informing yourself — from sources other than those crafting our realities, particularly around animal welfare in […]

Thirsty First Thursday at High West Wanship

Join Sage Mountain: An Advocate for Farmed Animals for an evening of incredible speakers, delicious plant-based food and cocktails, and opportunity to experience virtual-reality, all at the High West Distillery in Wanship, Utah! Event is open to the public and a portion of the evening’s proceeds go directly to the Sage Mountain Mission! Speakers for […]

Sage Mountain Preps New Campaign

Read Park Record article here

Sundance and Animals

Sundance and Animals By: Natalie Blanton We all know the power of films. Particularly in the vein of animals, and our interactions, perspectives, and paradigms of all creatures, great and small, on this planet, in our lives, our diets [or not, hopefully], etc. We have recommended films like Cowspiracy and Unity to you — but, […]

Mountain Express Magazine

Great article in the summer issue of Mountain Express Magazine! Click on picture to enlarge article!

Sage Mountain and Zoom on KSL

Visited KSL to promote Meatout Campaign

Park Record