Make The Pledge For Compassionate Traditions 2017

46 million turkeys are slaughtered every year for Thanksgiving alone. More than 22 million are killed for Christmas along with pigs, chickens, ducks, and lambs. Their short lives are spent in extreme confinement without ever stepping foot outside. Because there are so many packed tightly together, many become injured and sick (see video below). Join Sage Mountain in celebrating the lives of ALL beings this holiday season and pledge to leave animals and animal products (meat, dairy, eggs, and fish) off your plate. Your health, the planet and the animals will thank you!!

Direct Action Everywhere released this footage of Utah based turkey plant, Norbest, which is one of the largest turkey cooperatives in the US, producing 5 million turkeys a year.

Also check out this short film made by Jack Gladson, a 9th grade student at Treasure Mountain Jr High. Students like Jack were linked to different non profits to help create logos or different marketing techniques for campaigns.

Make The Pledge

Make the pledge for Compassionate Traditions below and feel free to share what you created/will create for your centerpiece this year! Even if you will be with family or friends that aren’t vegan, you can still pledge to leave animals off your own plate. We encourage you to share a yummy plant powered dish with your family or friends! Please visit our resources page to find some of our favorite recipes or share one of your own!

Remember to tag @sagemountainutah and use the hashtag #CompassionateTraditions2017 when sharing your favorite compassionate dish during the holidays!

NameNew Centerpiece
Dave SwartzTofurky
MichelleMushroom Stuffing Casserole!
Kent MaurerMashed potatoes shaped like a live turkey!
Lauren Lockeycolorful salad
HollieGardein Holiday Roast!
Lisa D’AgostinoPeekaboo Canyon’s Vegan Dinner Kanab, UT
StacyHomemade seitan roast!
Julie OlsenLentil Shepherds Pie
Heather WinklerIt’s all about the sides made vegan…potatoes, stuffing, pie..oh my!
Niki and Bradley DavidsonFamily Cooking Together some awesome veggie dishes
Lisa DonaldsonVegan holiday roast and stuffing
Sarah NashHomemade Stuffed Tofu
Damian StoyRoasted roots salad
Justus MinardiSmokey Foragers Roast w/Pineapple Mustard Glaze
Shirley Leonard GallegosStuffed Butternut Squash
Holly CoyRoasted Vegan Thanksgiving Bowl
Alisha NiswanderHazelnut Cranberry Roast En Crute by Field Roast
Nate MarineField Roast Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute
Chelsea SteinbachVegan Pumpkin Pie
Erin DonnellyStuffing with lots of root veggies and nuts
Chris ShapardField Roast Celebration Roast
Aubree baerI fast for thanksgiving to show I’m grateful for food everyother day of the year
Becky JohnsonSeitan roast with chestnut stuffing center
Whitney SchulteTofurkey roast!
Evelyn FloresVegan pumpkin pie
Jane RileyWhat ever my vegan and vegetarian sisters contribute.
Sarai NievesVegan everything!
Tiffany DavisVegan lentil roast!!!
Julie HookerVeggie Shepherds Pie

Pledge To Start Compassionate Traditions