Lauren Lockey

Co founder 

A passionate animal welfare advocate since childhood, Lauren Lockey grew up in Southwestern Ohio, where she spent most of her days around animals. During these years she developed a fond admiration for animals of all kinds, which influenced her decision to embrace a vegetarian and then vegan lifestyle when she was 12 years old.

Lauren dedicated herself to doing volunteer work for animal activist groups. She walked door to door in many neighborhoods educating about issues such as animal testing in labs and the Bovine Growth Hormone in dairy cows.

Since relocating to Utah in 2002, Lauren has been active in local animal welfare issues through writing articles in newspapers, attending and speaking at council meetings, starting and signing animal welfare petitions, promoting plant-based nutrition through her personal training business, and played an integral role in a few horse rescue operations.

Lauren brings her passion and commitment for animal welfare issues to make Sage Mountain an efficient and effective organization focused on providing animals a life of dignity.

David Swartz

Co founder 

Leading by example through his compassionate way of living, Dave Swartz had his first glimpse of animal cruelty 14 years ago. The impact of that experience gave him the strong desire to generate greater awareness for animal welfare issues. Dave became vegetarian and then vegan and at one time had a vegetarian fast food restaurant in Salt Lake City with the objective of promoting compassionate and healthy eating.  He offers keen business sensibilities coupled with the goal to grow Sage Mountain into a leader in the animal welfare movement.

Natalie Blanton

Director of Communications

Natalie Blanton grew up in rural Heber City, Utah, surrounded by animals. Natalie’s connection with these sentient and brilliant beings is fueled by her upbringing. Having been raised around exploitive practices (industrial animal agriculture, rodeo, etc.) today, she actively combats these systems as an activist and doctoral student within Environmental Sociology and Gender at the University of Utah. She works and studies through the veins of social and environmental justice — fighting against environmental degradation — and advocating for animal/human rights and life chances.

Natalie understands our world-society is built upon the backs of oppressed communities and actively seeks to advocate, educate, and rabble-rouse to overturn that norm. Natalie is a community educator for Planned Parenthood, and is the Director of Communications for Sage Mountain: An Advocate for Farmed Animals. When she is not being her restless activist-self, Natalie works at Dolly’s Bookstore in Park City, UT, hikes with her hound dog, and rock climbs in the wild spaces of the west.

Crystal Moulton

Director of Animal Care

Crystal got her start in animal care working with various animal rescues and sanctuaries. She quickly learned a variety of skills such as trimming hooves and tusks on potbelly pigs, then hooves on goats and sheep, and more. From there she went to shearing school and is developing her skills in caring for “fiber animals”. She really enjoys the care and treatment of farmed animals in general and appreciates being able to use a compassionate touch in her animal care.